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What you need to Know about Zorbing Hire UK

Zorbing, in case you didn’t know, is defined in the dictionary as ‘the activity of travelling downhill inside a large air-cushioned hollow ball’. Yes, that’s right! It’s officially a word in the dictionary.

It’s sometimes referred to as sphering or orbing, but they’re essentially the same thing – the participant is secured inside the inner capsule of a large plastic (air cushioned) transparent ball. Sound a bit like a hamster ball? Well, yes, a little, but it can be so much more than strapping yourself into a ball and rolling down a hill!

Experiences to Remember

We cater for a range of activities including Bubble Football, Zorb Racing and the UK’s only mobile army assault course. We can also manage anything from children’s birthday parties to large corporate events, anywhere in the UK.

From Lands’ End to John o’ Groats, we deliver. We’ve even travelled as far afield as Dubai in the past, so please get in touch to see if we can help organise an event to remember!

Safety Comes First

Using nothing but the highest quality products and maintaining exceptionally high levels of staff training, we are able to offer not only one of the safest experiences possible (we have a 100% safety record), but excellent value for money.

As one of the first companies to bring zorbing to the UK, experience is our game. We have been operating in the UK for more than 6 years, so not only can we offer our customers an experience to remember, but they can be sure they will enjoy themselves with one of the most respected zorbing operators in the country.

If quality, experience and safety are what you want (and we expect you do) Zorbing Hire UK is perfect for your event. We don’t like to name drop, but we’ll go ahead and do it anyway – just so you don’t have to take our word for it!

  • We’ve worked with Keith Lemon, twice – most recently for a show called ‘Through The Key Hole’ and a few years ago for Celebrity Juice, where he used our zorbs for a spot of bowling with a difference!
  • You can watch us on YouTube here helping magician Ben Hanlin and the show ‘Tricked’, convince Emmerdale star Matt Wolfenden he’s witnessed a terrible zorbing accident (don’t worry – accidents don’t really happen with us, and we are very proud of our 100% safety record!)
  • We helped Freddie Flintoff achieve the 100m land zorbing world record in conjunction with Sport Relief. 59 seconds!
  • In episode 3 of Bad Education starring Jack Whitehall and Harry Enfield you can see the Zorbing Hire UK assault course.
  • We’ve even organised a zorbing birthday party for David and Victoria Beckham at Wembley Stadium!
  • And for those of you that remember the show Gladiators, well, yes, we also helped out there too.
  • That’s ITV, ITV2, the BBC, Sport Relief, Celebrity Juice, A Question of Sport, Gladiators, Tricked, Bad Education and more.

With a wealth of experience and celebrity endorsements, Zorbing Hire UK is the very best for your event, no matter how big or small. Don’t waste your time looking around – come straight to the best.

Call our Hire & Sales Team on: 020 8633 2155 or 07800 550 256.

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