Zorb Football in London Is Football For Everyone

Are you the type of person who doesn’t like team games? Maybe you don’t like the competition involved, or you have less than fond memories of having to play football at school. Perhaps you just don’t think you have the skills needed to play with others.

If that sounds like you, then you need to give Zorb football in London a try.

Yes, really. People who’ve said they’d never play sports have come off the pitch and reported that they loved it. Here’s why it’s the sport that may change your mind for good.

What Zorb football is

A game of Zorb football – London is set up like a regular five a side match. Both teams are aiming to get the ball into the opposing team’s goal. That’s where the similarities end, though, you’ll be glad to hear.

Each player wears a special Zorb ball over their head and body, leaving just their legs free. This ball means there’s a shift in how the game is played. If you want to tackle someone, you can’t go for their legs as that’s the only unprotected part of the body. Instead, you need to bounce off their Zorb, hoping they fall down.

Of course, that means that there’s a risk in tackling. If you bounce into them, can you keep your balance or will you go down too?

Putting the fun back into football

If PE lessons left you cold as others took the game too seriously for your liking, you’re in luck with Zorb football – London. No one can take the game too seriously if they’re all wearing an inflatable ball, can they?

The game is much more knockabout fun than a serious sport. You’ll find that the fun of scoring a goal is secondary to finding out how many of the opposing team you can knock over without losing your balance.

It’s not unusual to hear players howling with laughter as they play. You’ll see that the main aim of Zorb football is just to have fun.

How to get into a game

Have you decided that you want to give Zorb football – London a try? Then you’ll find it’s much easier than you think to find a game. Call us here at Zorbing Hire UK. We’re the UK’s leading Zorbing sports providers, and we can set up a game anywhere you can fit an inflatable pitch. That could even be your back garden, if it’s big enough.

All you need to start playing is a group of friends and some enthusiasm, we’ll bring the rest. Give it a try and you’ll soon see that there’s more to sport than what you remember from school. If you’re interested, we can even be hired for parties and events. Zorb football shows that sports really are for everyone, including you.

Zorbing Hire UK run all kinds of Zorbing activities across the country, including body Zorbing and Zorb racing. Get in touch to organise a game for yourself and your friends.


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