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Zorb Football Is For Everyone

Zorb football or football zorbing is the new sport that’s taking the UK by storm. All over the country, people are giving it a go and discovering that it’s a serious amount of fun for them and their friends.

Are you on the fence about giving it a try? Then read on, as it really is for everyone. Here’s everyone who’ll love this different take on the game of football.

Those who hated PE at school

Are you just not into team games? Were you always picked last to play in sports? Then it’s no wonder that you’ve veered away from sports as an adult. However, this game is different.

It’s not about how good you are, it’s about getting out there and having fun.

You won’t be penalised if you get anything wrong, it’s more about just having a good time out on the pitch

Those who feel they’re just not good at sports

Maybe you avoid playing team games as you think you’re just not any good at them. Who wants to play up against expert footballers who can basically run you over on the way to the goal?

Zorb football isn’t like that. Whoever you’re playing with, they’re playing on the same level as you, thanks to the Zorb balls you wear over your body.

As you’re all wearing them, you’ll all play the same way. No more worries about dragging a team down!

Kids who want to get out and try a sport

During weekends and holidays, kids can get bored if they spend too long doing the same thing. If they’re bored being cooped up in the house, take them to a bubble football game.

They can have a great time playing with all of their friends, and you know that they’re getting some exercise, as well as getting out of the house.

Those who want to try something new

Are you always looking for something new to try? In the UK, there’s always new and exciting events happening, so you’re spoiled for choice.

Giving this style of Zorb football a try can show you a whole new world of Zorbing sports to try out.

Why not try water Zorbing too, or even other body Zorbing games? You’ll be amazed at how much there is on offer.

Hen and stag parties

Not everyone wants to hit the pubs on their stag or hen do. Why not do something a bit different? You can take your whole group Zorb footballing, and have a great time.

It’s a perfect activity to start the day off, or you can make it the main event. If you have an active and sporty hen or stag to plan a party for, this could be right up their street.

Are you convinced that Zorb football could be for you? Then book a game with us at Zorbing Hire UK. We operate all over the country, so there’ll be a game nearby that you can join. Get in touch and try it for yourself!

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