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Something new

Try Something New With Zorb Football London

So you love sports, and you love playing with your friends but feel stuck in a rut.

Are you bored with the sports you play together?

Want to try something new and exciting? Why not try Zorb football? London people currently love it! Here’s why it could be for you.

Silly fun

If you’re not the kind of person who takes themselves seriously, this game is for you. Zorb football is played with, as you may have guessed, Zorbs.

These Zorbs though fit over your head and body, leaving your legs free. This leads to lots of silly antics on the pitch, as players run around and bump into each other.

You’ve never played football like this before, that’s for sure.

Safe and secure

When you book a game of Zorb football, you also book a team of professionals that help run the game. They set up the pitch, and then supervise as you play.

As well as having a wide knowledge of games and activities that you can play with the Zorb balls, they’re trained to keep your game safe.

That way you can enjoy yourselves, knowing there’s little risk.

No experience necessary

Never played football before? Not the sportiest person around? Don’t worry. Zorb football – London is designed with every player’s ability in mind.

No matter how inexperienced you are, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself. After all, wearing a Zorb ball over your head is a great equaliser.

Can be played anywhere

You may have felt a bit put off by the equipment, as it sounds like you’ll have to travel specially to play Zorb football.

In fact, it can be played almost anywhere you want! Book it for a birthday party and play it in your back garden.

Book a hall and play as part of your stag do celebrations. Book it for your local leisure centre as part of your fun day. Wherever you want to play it, there’s a way to get it there.

Body Zorbs can be used with other games

Body Zorbs make Zorb football a ridiculous amount of fun, but it’s not the only game you can play.

How about a friendly game of tag? How about recreating the popular 80’s game Pac Man, in Zorb form? When you play, you can ask the team with you for suggestions.

You can even try out a huge amount of exciting games all while running around in a Zorb. This is great for kid’s parties, when you’re looking to keep them entertained. They won’t be able to stop talking about your party for weeks afterwards.

Ready to try Zorb football – London out for yourself? Zorbing Hire UK has you covered. Book a game with us, and we can bring the game to you, wherever you are.

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