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What Is Zorb Football?

So, What Is Zorb Football?

You may have heard of a seemingly odd new game being played around London, and other parts of the UK. It’s called Zorb football.

Wondering what exactly is Zorb football and how do you play it?

Fear not, for this guide will tell you everything you need to know about this great sport.

Do you roll around in Zorbs?

Not quite. You do use Zorbs to play, but they’re different to the large, hamster ball style ones.

These Zorbs are inflatable balls that fit over your head and body, leaving your legs free.

That means you can run around the pitch easily while still being protected from the elements by your Zorb.

The pitch itself is inflatable too, much like a bouncy castle.

How do you tackle?

Unlike traditional football, you aren’t allowed to slide in and take an opponent out by the legs. That’s because instead, you can dive at them headlong and knock them away from the ball.

As you’re both in Zorbs, it’s totally safe to do as well as being highly hilarious.

Players have reported finding it very satisfying to literally knock a player down so that they can steal the ball away from them!

Is it safe to bounce around like that?

Absolutley. As mentioned above, Zorb football – London uses Zorbs that fit over your body and keep you protected.

Thanks to that and the inflatable arena, if you fall you won’t get hurt at all. In addition to this, before your game you’ll be taught how to fall and get back up properly.

It’s not a risk that you’ll fall over, it’s a guarantee.

Do I need to know anything about football to play?

Not at all! Zorb football – London is more like five a side football than the Premiership League. All you need are some friends and the equipment to get involved.

It’s a great equalizer, as even David Beckham would have trouble using his normal tactics in a Zorb.

This means it’s a great idea for kid’s parties and hen and stag dos, as everyone will be able to enjoy the experience.

Are there referees?

There aren’t referees as such, but there are staff that will be on hand to help while you’re playing.

They will also inspect the equipment before you arrive to make sure it’s up to standard and safe to use.

They’ll give you a quick safety briefing before you start playing, so that you know how to use the equipment. In short, they’re there to make sure you have a good and safe time.

So there you have it. Zorb football – London is one of the best ways to get into a sport in the city. Want to have a go? Get in touch with us at Zorbing Hire UK. We’ve got a great range of Zorb games for you including Zorb football that all your friends will love.


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