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What is bubble football

What Is Bubble Football?

The summer holidays are coming up, and perhaps you’re looking for ways to get the kids out of the house and away from the TV. It’s obviously good for them to enjoy some physical activity, but you also want them to be safe while doing so. Have you thought of trying out bubble football? It’s excellent exercise, extremely safe and most importantly, it’s lots of fun!

How do you play?

The game is played very much like a traditional game of five a side football, apart from the fact that every player is encased in a giant bubble, with only their legs free so that they can run about the pitch.

Players run around the pitch, trying to get their ball into their goal. Tackling another player usually means just knocking into them; meaning one or both of you will bounce away and possibly bounce of the floor. As you can imagine, it’s very silly and kids love it.

What equipment does it use?

Aside from the normal football equipment of goals and a ball, each player uses a tough, see through Zorb ball. They’re made of robust materials that will keep all players safe, allowing them to run around the pitch without fear of injury. If you’ve seen the Zorb balls that are used to travel across water, these are very similar.

Where can you play?

All over the country! Bubble football is played on football pitches nationwide, so a quick search is bound to show up some matches near you. You won’t have to travel far in order to get your fix of crazy inflatable football.

How safe is it?

Very. Watching bubble football games, it may seem like players are constantly falling over and so are in danger, but they’re not. Tackling is made much safer than in traditional football, thanks to the fact that the inflatable ball bounces you away from the other players, long before your legs can make contact with anyone else.

In addition to this, there is always trained staff on hand who can offer first aid in the unlikely event that a player gets hurt. You know you’re in safe hands while you’re having fun.

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