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Why Should You Try Out Bubble Football – London?

You’ve probably seen people using Zorb balls in order to run across the water at the beach or events, but did you know that there are other ways that Zorbing can be used to make every day activities even more fun?

Bubble football in London is the newest thing in football, and it’s safe, fun and highly accessible. So, why should you try it out?

It’s a new take on football

Bubble football – London is very much like five a side football, with one twist: every player wears a Zorb inflatable bubble over their head. It turns the game we all know and love into a super fun, hilarious knock about romp around a football pitch. People who’ve given it a try have come away with huge grins on their faces, having thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

It’s safe to try out

Watching videos online, it may seem a bit alarming to watch players bouncing around the pitch, ricocheting off each other and rolling away. However, the very nature of the Zorb ball means that players are perfectly safe.

The inflatable protects players from harm, and although the legs are the only exposed parts of the body, they’re safe as no one can tackle except by bouncing off other players. Plus, highly trained staff are always nearby, so you know you’re in the hands of professionals.

It’s something different to try with your friends

If you’re looking for something new to do with your friends, bubble football – London could be it. Playing with a Zorb ball on your head is a great leveller, so even though you’ve never played football before and your friend can rival David Beckham on the pitch, you’ll both be playing at the same level, making the game fun for all.

It’s fun

If you need any more reasons to try out bubble football, you just need to know that it’s a huge amount of fun. Many people have played their first game and went away saying that they’ll definitely come back, as it was such a novel experience.

Some reported that they could barely stand up due to laughing so hard at watching their friends fall over! If you’re willing not to take yourself too seriously, this really could be the sport for you.

Are you up for trying something new? Want to play football encased in a giant bubble? If this has convinced you, get in touch with Zorbing Hire UK. We can bring bubble football to your children’s birthday parties, corporate events, or even just as a fun night out.

We also offer other amazing activities, such as Zorb racing, bungee trampolines, and assault courses, so we really have something for everyone.


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