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A Safer Way Of Enjoying The famous Game

Zorb Football: A Safer Way Of Enjoying The famous Game

Football is a great way of celebrating a hen or stag do, a kid’s birthday party or just for spending time with your friends.

Sometimes, though, it isn’t the safest sport around. If you want to enjoy football with a twist, while staying safe, why not try Zorb football?

Zorb football, or bubble football, is a five a side version of the same, with Zorb balls that fit over the player’s body. The legs are left free so the player can run freely around the pitch.

It’s a hilarious way to play and no footballing skill is needed to enjoy it. Here’s why you should consider taking part:

Staffed by trained experts

Every match is watched over by two trained staff, who will make sure that the equipment is in proper order and condition at all times.

They check over the Zorbs and the arena before you arrive, so you know that everything you’re using is top notch.

Everyone is given a safety briefing

Before you start playing everyone gets a quick safety briefing. This will include things like taking the Zorb off and getting it back on, how to use it on the pitch, and practicing falling over and getting back up.

Everything is covered so you know how to use the equipment before you get started.

Body Zorb gives the player more protection

The great thing about Zorb football is that you’re instantly protected by the inflatable ball you wear over your body.

If you fall over, you’ll be able to get straight back up, unharmed.

The arena is often inflatable too, much like a bouncy castle. This means that you’re protected in the case of an unexpected slide towards the goal.

No tackling

Unlike regular football, Zorb football doesn’t allow tackling in the traditional sense. Rather than diving for another player’s legs, you’re encouraged to dive at them with your Zorb ball.

That way, you can still collide with them and stop them scoring, but no one’s going to come away bruised. Plus, it’ll be really funny to see them bounce away in their own Zorb!

Players swapped in and out

Depending on the size of your group, players will be swapped in and out as the game progresses. Zorb football, like regular football, is a tiring game.

After a while on the pitch, you’ll be ready for a break. Once you’ve had a break, you can jump back into the fray without worrying about running out of steam.

So there you have it. Bubble football is a safer and much funnier way to enjoy the beautiful game. If you want to give it a go, gather up some friends and find your nearest arena to get started.

If you want to try it out, get in touch with us at Zorbing Hire UK. We’ll provide the arena, Zorbs and staff for one price. We’re the best Zorbing company around and we know our stuff when it comes to unusual sports.


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