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Book A Birthday Party With A Difference With Bubble Football

Your kid’s birthday is coming up, and you want to book them a birthday party with a difference.

Have you thought about booking a bubble football session?

Kids and adults both love it, and it’s easy to get set up. Here’s why it’s perfect for any kid’s birthday party.

Great for football loving kids

Are your kids mad about football? Are their friends equally as crazy about the sport? Then this is for them.

They can play this new variation on five a side football and have a whale of a time.

They already know the basic rules for the sport, and the zorbing staff will be able to tell them anything else they need to know.

Offers something new and different

Birthday parties get the same after a while. Bouncy castle, playground, fast food party… yawn, seen it before.

Bubble football is something most of your guests won’t have tried before.

They’ll love getting stuck into something new, and you’ll get the kudos for keeping the kids entertained for hours.

Everyone can get involved

Not all kids are sporty, but that’s ok. Bubble football is designed for everybody to enjoy. It’s a great leveller, too.

You may have one child who’s destined to be the next David Beckham, and another who seems to have two left feet on the pitch.

Both will get loads of enjoyment out of playing, and one won’t have a bigger advantage over the other. Who said sports could be unfair?

Can play almost anywhere

You may think it’s difficult to find somewhere to play bubble football. In fact, it can actually be brought to you!

An inflatable football pitch can be set up almost anywhere.

It can even go in your back garden, if it’s big enough. That way you don’t have to travel or miles just so your kids can play.

It’s monitored and safe for kids

One of the best things about bubble football is that when you book a session, it comes with two experienced staff. They’ll set up the pitch and the zorbs the players wear, and inform the kids on how to play.

They’ll then monitor the game as it plays, making sure everyone is safe. They’re even first aid trained if anything untoward happens. As an activity, there’s none better for kid’s birthday parties.

It doesn’t have to be just football

Of course, the kids don’t have to play football for the whole session. The staff involved have a whole host of games up their sleeves that your kids will love. How about British Bulldog, human ten pin bowling, or even a game of real Pacman? Anything is possible with the zorbs!

Sound like fun to you? Get in touch with Zorbing Hire UK. We’re the UK’s biggest provider of zorbing games, and can provide games for almost anywhere in the country. Book a birthday party the kids will be talking about for weeks with us!


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