Bubble Football

Bubble Football: London’s Quirkiest Days Out

Bubble Football: London’s Quirkiest Days Out

No one can accuse London of being boring. There’s plenty to do besides shop and check out monuments, you just need to know where to look.

Bubble football is just one of the exciting, quirky events that we at Zorbing hire UK can offer you.

Try something new today!

Play bubble football, London’s twist on the classic game

Bubble football is a game of football where everyone is wearing a Zorb inflatable ball. It covers the head and body, leaving the legs free.

That means all the players run around and get involved in tackles, either by diving headlong into each other, or in another creative way that takes their fancy.

There’s nothing funnier than watching your friend bounce away from you because you ran into them.

It’s a great idea for a stag or hen party too, if you’re planning one in London.

We have lots to offer at Zorbing Hire UK, Bubble Football is just one of our brilliant, fun and exciting activities for you and your friends/colleagues and family to enjoy.  Whether it’s a planned party or just an excuse to get together and run off some excess energy.  We have lots of great things you can do, in London.

The city is well known for its exciting and unusual attractions, so look us up the next time you visit. You’ll come away with an experience quite unlike any other.

If bubble football in London has caught your eye, get in touch with us at Zorbing Hire UK. We can provide the Zorbs and the arena, all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourselves!


Zorb / Bubble Football Outdoors

London – some of the best

Parkour, Climbing and Zorb Football: London Has Some of the Best Sports Around

London is beloved all over the world for everything it has to offer tourists. There’s the historical buildings for the history buffs, Oxford Street for the diehard shoppers… and sports?

Yes, since the London 2012 Olympics, London has really embraced sport. If you want to try something a bit different, check out the unusual sports, including zorb football, London, knows how to do it right.


Parkour is one of the newest sports on the block and one of the most popular around in city centres.

In a nutshell, parkour is the act of using momentum to move from one place to the other in the most efficient way possible.

There are plenty of classes available, where you’ll practice indoors before taking on the wild architecture of London.

White water rafting

In London? Yes! It’s actually possible to go white water rafting at the Lee Valley White Water centre, which was the venue for the water events in the 2012 Olympics.

They offer canoeing, rafting and kayaking there, so if you’ve ever fancied yourself an Olympic athlete, this could be the closest you’ll get.

Zorb football

Zorbs? Like the round inflatable balls you can roll around in? Not quite. These zorbs are smaller and fit over the top half of your body.

You put them on, and play five a side zorb football – London on a specially designed pitch. It’s not the most dignified sport, but it’s without a doubt the funniest.

Soon you’ll find yourself bouncing off the floor as another player blunders into you. You can even play other games on the pitch, including human ten pin bowling and British Bulldog.


There’s some perfect spots hidden away in London for climbing. If you’re up for a challenge, try scaling the Vertical Chill ice wall in Covent Garden.

It’s cheaper if you’re an experienced climber and already have all the kit. There’s also the Up at the O2, where you can scale the actual O2 arena.

Bungee jumping

If the thought of climbing made you feel queasy, this one is certainly not for you. If you’re already at the O2 to go climbing though, why not book a bungee jump in as well?

You jump over an air bag rather than the Thames, though, so you’re in no danger of going for an unplanned dip in the river. It tends to get booked up, so plan in advance.

Scuba diving

If the thought of getting underwater is your idea of a good time, there are plenty of scuba diving sessions around the city. There’s even the option to go abroad to scuba dive if you join a group.

If zorb football – London sounds like your idea of a good time, get in touch with Zorbing Hire UK. We can bring the football to wherever you are.

It’s great for parties or stag dos, or any time you just want to play something a little bit different. Call today and see if we can come to you.


dodge ball

More games Bubble Football

You Can Play More Games In Bubble Football – London

Bubble football London is great fun for kids of any age. Pull on a zorb ball that fits over your upper body, and jump onto the pitch.

Then, you’ll be running around trying to score goals, all while other players are bumping into each other and falling over.

It sounds hilarious, but did you know that there are more games you can play with the kit involved?

The staff have all the rules at hand

If you want to try something new, talk to the staff who are running your bubble football – London session.

They’re old pros at the game, and have all kinds of things up their sleeve. Ask for a new game, and they may suggest some of the following:

British Bulldog

Remember this favourite from the playground? It was often banned by teachers for being unsafe, but in a bubble football field you can go all out! The game is played with the players standing at one end of the pitch, with one or two ‘bulldogs’ in the middle.

The goal is to get from one end to the other without being caught by a bulldog. Get caught, and you become a bulldog yourself. The winner is the last player left uncaught.

Human Ten Pin Bowling

Think you’ve got good balance? Think again! This game will line you all up at one end of the pitch, in a bowling pin formation.

A soft ball will be rolled down towards you, and the goal is not to let the ball knock you over.

Easy, right? Wrong! One ‘bowling pin’ loses their balance, and you could all be knocked over. The last ‘bowling pin’ left standing wins.


Who doesn’t love this 80’s classic arcade game? You can now play it for real. The game needs one ‘pacman’ and the rest of the players will be ghosts.

The ghosts job is to chase the pacman around, trying to catch it.

The pacman of course has to avoid them at all costs. If anyone falls down, they’re out of the game. The winner is the last person left standing.

Last Man Standing

Want to put your balance up to the challenge? The players will stand on the pitch, while the staff throw challenges in their way.

It could be zorb balls, other inflatables, or even other people. The players have to stay standing upright to stay in the game.

The winner is, as the name suggests, the last man (or woman) standing.

Barrel Balls

This is another game you may recognise from your school days. An item will be placed into the middle of the pitch, and the players will be given items to throw at it.

These may be inflatable objects or soft balls. On the whistle, players throw those objects to make the object in the middle of the pitch move over the goal line.

Want to try these bubble football – London games for yourself? Call Zorbing Hire UK, who can provide everything mentioned above for you.


bubble football zorb football

A difference choice

Zorb Football: A Different Choice For Your Stag Do

When you think of stag dos, a certain image pops up in your mind. Pub crawls, dancers, and clubs of a dubious reputation are good for some, but what about you?

Maybe you don’t drink, or aren’t into clubbing.

How do you make your upcoming stag do fun for everyone? Why not try zorb football? Here’s why it could be the best choice for you.

It’s safe

Any partner will fret when their intended goes off on their stag party. Zorb football is great as it’s one of the safest sports around.

Played in inflatable balls that fit over your head and shoulders, you’re cushioned from most of the elements.

Also, all games are set up and monitored by trained professionals. This way you can have just as much fun without the risk of the stag getting into trouble.

You won’t have to travel far

If you want to try this unique form of football, you won’t have to travel far for it. Games can be set up almost anywhere, from the best man’s back garden to an actual football pitch.

All you need are a gang of friends and space to play, and the game can be brought to you.

It won’t break the bank

Let’s face it, stag dos are expensive. Even if you stay in the UK, the travel, accommodation and, of course, drinking, will all add up fast.

Zorb football has just one cost, which can be split between everyone playing the game.

If your stag’s on a budget or you’re just trying to keep costs low, it’s a great option.

It’s just as much of a laugh

Who says you can’t have fun when you’re not drinking? Everyone who tries zorb football says that it’s an absolute riot.

Imagine playing five a side football with inflatable balls over the top half of your body. It sounds ridiculous, right?

Plus, it’ll level out the skills of everyone playing.

Dave may play for the local team, but he’s going to be just as good as the rest of you with a zorb on his head!

You’ll still come away with brilliant memories

The point of a stag do is to get all your friends together and send the stag off into blissful married life with their partner. The way you do that isn’t just locked down to visiting pubs and downing shots. You can play zorb football and still have a fantastic time together as a group. Everyone will enjoy themselves, guaranteed.

Decided to book a zorb football session? Come to Zorbing Hire UK, the UK’s largest zorbing company. We can hire out a football pitch for the afternoon, or offer other events

football castle - inflatable fun activities

Party with a difference

Book A Birthday Party With A Difference With Bubble Football

Your kid’s birthday is coming up, and you want to book them a birthday party with a difference.

Have you thought about booking a bubble football session?

Kids and adults both love it, and it’s easy to get set up. Here’s why it’s perfect for any kid’s birthday party.

Great for football loving kids

Are your kids mad about football? Are their friends equally as crazy about the sport? Then this is for them.

They can play this new variation on five a side football and have a whale of a time.

They already know the basic rules for the sport, and the zorbing staff will be able to tell them anything else they need to know.

Offers something new and different

Birthday parties get the same after a while. Bouncy castle, playground, fast food party… yawn, seen it before.

Bubble football is something most of your guests won’t have tried before.

They’ll love getting stuck into something new, and you’ll get the kudos for keeping the kids entertained for hours.

Everyone can get involved

Not all kids are sporty, but that’s ok. Bubble football is designed for everybody to enjoy. It’s a great leveller, too.

You may have one child who’s destined to be the next David Beckham, and another who seems to have two left feet on the pitch.

Both will get loads of enjoyment out of playing, and one won’t have a bigger advantage over the other. Who said sports could be unfair?

Can play almost anywhere

You may think it’s difficult to find somewhere to play bubble football. In fact, it can actually be brought to you!

An inflatable football pitch can be set up almost anywhere.

It can even go in your back garden, if it’s big enough. That way you don’t have to travel or miles just so your kids can play.

It’s monitored and safe for kids

One of the best things about bubble football is that when you book a session, it comes with two experienced staff. They’ll set up the pitch and the zorbs the players wear, and inform the kids on how to play.

They’ll then monitor the game as it plays, making sure everyone is safe. They’re even first aid trained if anything untoward happens. As an activity, there’s none better for kid’s birthday parties.

It doesn’t have to be just football

Of course, the kids don’t have to play football for the whole session. The staff involved have a whole host of games up their sleeves that your kids will love. How about British Bulldog, human ten pin bowling, or even a game of real Pacman? Anything is possible with the zorbs!

Sound like fun to you? Get in touch with Zorbing Hire UK. We’re the UK’s biggest provider of zorbing games, and can provide games for almost anywhere in the country. Book a birthday party the kids will be talking about for weeks with us!


Yellow Zorb Ball

Are you ready?

Ready to Zorb?

Big, spherical and plastic are just a few of the words that spring to mind when you hear the phrase ‘Zorbing’. For the uninitiated, zorbing is (originally) the act of rolling down a hill in a big air cushioned sphere.

Zorbing burst into existence in the 90s (although its roots reach back a little further). It is the brain child of two brothers from New Zealand and has taken the world of extreme sport by storm ever since.

In recent years though, zorbing has transformed into so much more than just rolling down a hill in a huge plastic ball, especially with the help of us, Zorbing Hire UK.

Not just downhill!

Zorbing Hire UK are able to offer a wide range of zorbing activities. This includes Bubble Football in body zorbs, zooming around an inflatable race track with our Zorb Racing, creating a work of art in our Crazy Sand as well as traditional zorbing.

We also have the UK’s only mobile assault course. As evidenced by our list of achievements below, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in a Zorb.

  • Back in 2011 we worked with BBC Sport Relief and Freddie Flintoff to provide the zorbing equipment that would end up facilitating a world record attempt for the fastest 100m Zorb. He made it too, in an incredible 59 seconds!
  • Check out this YouTube video where we worked with magician Ben Hanlin and the cast of the show ‘Tricked’. Remember though, this is only a trick and Zorbing Hire UK has a 100% safety record.
  • We have worked with David and Victoria Beckham to organise a big birthday party for their sons at Wembley Stadium.
  • We organised a large corporate event for the Wokefield Park de Vere hotel chain, involving more than 100 corporate clients.
  • In all, we’ve worked with more than 10 large corporations such as ITV, ITV2, Sport Relief and the BBC to produce shows such as A Question of Sport, Gladiators, Tricked, Bad Education and more.

Not only does our reputation speak for itself, our list of past work shows that we can offer unique experiences.

We have organised events for large private companies and smaller children’s birthday parties alike. We are versatile and able to meet your exact demands whether it is large or small!

Fun and excitement, in the safest of hands

You can rest assured that you’re in the safest of hands with us, too. Having been one of the first companies to enter the UK Zorbing market, we’ve been operating here for more than 6 years.

We use nothing but the highest quality equipment and products and our staff are trained to impeccable standards.

This all combined, we offer the safest experiences possible and we proudly stand behind our 100% safety record.

Give our Hire & Sales Team a call today on 020 8633 2155 or 07800 550 256 to get the zorb rolling on an experience that your friends and family will remember for years to come!

gladiator dual inflatable fun activities

Do something different

Zorb Football, Body Zorbing and Zorb Racing: Do Something Different This year!

The summer holidays are over and already you’re hearing the dreaded ‘I’m bored!’ from your kids.

You want to take them out to do something fun in the fresh air, but where do you go? If you’re looking for something that little bit different, how about zorbing activities?

They’re affordable, safe, and your kids will love them. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.


Zorbing in its purest form is something that everyone can enjoy. Everybody gets inside a human sized inflatable ball, straps in, and rolls away!

You can either Zorb on land in especially made Zorbing runs, or on the water. Either way, rolling around is a unique experience that your kids will love.

Zorb Racing

Looking for something with a more competitive edge? This could be for you. Zorbing staff will construct a racetrack, and four people in Zorbs stand at the starting line. When the signal goes, they’re off!

The first person to roll to the end of the course is the winner. Of course, it’s not that easy when your competitors as rolling into you and knocking you off course.

Any child who loves a challenge will get a kick out of this.

Body Zorbing

Body zorbing is a package of games that you play within an adapted Zorb ball, that fits over your head and leaves your legs free.

An inflatable course can be constructed in most back gardens or anywhere else you want to play.

Supervised by professionals, your kids can play Zorb football, tag, Pac Man, and a whole range of games to keep them (and you) laughing.

Zorb Football

Of course, Zorb football is one of the most popular games you can play in a Zorb. Think five-a-side friendly matches, but everyone’s wearing a Zorb.

As you can imagine, the competition is fierce yet hilarious. It levels the playing field too.

A child who’s the next Beckham can play against a child who’s never set foot on a pitch before, and they’ll both have a great time.

Children’s Zorb Parties

Have you got a birthday party to plan this summer? The humble bouncy castle is always a great staple, but how about mixing things up?

A children’s Zorb party could be right up their street. It can include games such as Zorb football, tag, and anything else your kids can dream up.

They’re affordable too, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to keep them entertained this summer.

Have you been inspired to take the kids out to roll around in their own Zorb? Then Zorbing Hire UK can help you out. We offer all of the above activities, and more.

Ever wanted to try an assault course, bungee trampoline, or dodgeball?

We can provide everything you need to try it out. Our most popular game is Zorb football, so call now and book before all slots sell out. Your kids will be glad you did.


Zorb / Bubble Football Outdoors

Try Bubble Football

Why Should You Try Out Bubble Football – London?

You’ve probably seen people using Zorb balls in order to run across the water at the beach or events, but did you know that there are other ways that Zorbing can be used to make every day activities even more fun?

Bubble football in London is the newest thing in football, and it’s safe, fun and highly accessible. So, why should you try it out?

It’s a new take on football

Bubble football – London is very much like five a side football, with one twist: every player wears a Zorb inflatable bubble over their head. It turns the game we all know and love into a super fun, hilarious knock about romp around a football pitch. People who’ve given it a try have come away with huge grins on their faces, having thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

It’s safe to try out

Watching videos online, it may seem a bit alarming to watch players bouncing around the pitch, ricocheting off each other and rolling away. However, the very nature of the Zorb ball means that players are perfectly safe.

The inflatable protects players from harm, and although the legs are the only exposed parts of the body, they’re safe as no one can tackle except by bouncing off other players. Plus, highly trained staff are always nearby, so you know you’re in the hands of professionals.

It’s something different to try with your friends

If you’re looking for something new to do with your friends, bubble football – London could be it. Playing with a Zorb ball on your head is a great leveller, so even though you’ve never played football before and your friend can rival David Beckham on the pitch, you’ll both be playing at the same level, making the game fun for all.

It’s fun

If you need any more reasons to try out bubble football, you just need to know that it’s a huge amount of fun. Many people have played their first game and went away saying that they’ll definitely come back, as it was such a novel experience.

Some reported that they could barely stand up due to laughing so hard at watching their friends fall over! If you’re willing not to take yourself too seriously, this really could be the sport for you.

Are you up for trying something new? Want to play football encased in a giant bubble? If this has convinced you, get in touch with Zorbing Hire UK. We can bring bubble football to your children’s birthday parties, corporate events, or even just as a fun night out.

We also offer other amazing activities, such as Zorb racing, bungee trampolines, and assault courses, so we really have something for everyone.


Zorbs On A Racetrack

Need to know…

What you need to Know about Zorbing Hire UK

Zorbing, in case you didn’t know, is defined in the dictionary as ‘the activity of travelling downhill inside a large air-cushioned hollow ball’. Yes, that’s right! It’s officially a word in the dictionary.

It’s sometimes referred to as sphering or orbing, but they’re essentially the same thing – the participant is secured inside the inner capsule of a large plastic (air cushioned) transparent ball. Sound a bit like a hamster ball? Well, yes, a little, but it can be so much more than strapping yourself into a ball and rolling down a hill!

Experiences to Remember

We cater for a range of activities including Bubble Football, Zorb Racing and the UK’s only mobile army assault course. We can also manage anything from children’s birthday parties to large corporate events, anywhere in the UK.

From Lands’ End to John o’ Groats, we deliver. We’ve even travelled as far afield as Dubai in the past, so please get in touch to see if we can help organise an event to remember!

Safety Comes First

Using nothing but the highest quality products and maintaining exceptionally high levels of staff training, we are able to offer not only one of the safest experiences possible (we have a 100% safety record), but excellent value for money.

As one of the first companies to bring zorbing to the UK, experience is our game. We have been operating in the UK for more than 6 years, so not only can we offer our customers an experience to remember, but they can be sure they will enjoy themselves with one of the most respected zorbing operators in the country.

If quality, experience and safety are what you want (and we expect you do) Zorbing Hire UK is perfect for your event. We don’t like to name drop, but we’ll go ahead and do it anyway – just so you don’t have to take our word for it!

  • We’ve worked with Keith Lemon, twice – most recently for a show called ‘Through The Key Hole’ and a few years ago for Celebrity Juice, where he used our zorbs for a spot of bowling with a difference!
  • You can watch us on YouTube here helping magician Ben Hanlin and the show ‘Tricked’, convince Emmerdale star Matt Wolfenden he’s witnessed a terrible zorbing accident (don’t worry – accidents don’t really happen with us, and we are very proud of our 100% safety record!)
  • We helped Freddie Flintoff achieve the 100m land zorbing world record in conjunction with Sport Relief. 59 seconds!
  • In episode 3 of Bad Education starring Jack Whitehall and Harry Enfield you can see the Zorbing Hire UK assault course.
  • We’ve even organised a zorbing birthday party for David and Victoria Beckham at Wembley Stadium!
  • And for those of you that remember the show Gladiators, well, yes, we also helped out there too.
  • That’s ITV, ITV2, the BBC, Sport Relief, Celebrity Juice, A Question of Sport, Gladiators, Tricked, Bad Education and more.

With a wealth of experience and celebrity endorsements, Zorbing Hire UK is the very best for your event, no matter how big or small. Don’t waste your time looking around – come straight to the best.

Call our Hire & Sales Team on: 020 8633 2155 or 07800 550 256.

People Playing Bubble Football

What is bubble football

What Is Bubble Football?

The summer holidays are coming up, and perhaps you’re looking for ways to get the kids out of the house and away from the TV. It’s obviously good for them to enjoy some physical activity, but you also want them to be safe while doing so. Have you thought of trying out bubble football? It’s excellent exercise, extremely safe and most importantly, it’s lots of fun!

How do you play?

The game is played very much like a traditional game of five a side football, apart from the fact that every player is encased in a giant bubble, with only their legs free so that they can run about the pitch.

Players run around the pitch, trying to get their ball into their goal. Tackling another player usually means just knocking into them; meaning one or both of you will bounce away and possibly bounce of the floor. As you can imagine, it’s very silly and kids love it.

What equipment does it use?

Aside from the normal football equipment of goals and a ball, each player uses a tough, see through Zorb ball. They’re made of robust materials that will keep all players safe, allowing them to run around the pitch without fear of injury. If you’ve seen the Zorb balls that are used to travel across water, these are very similar.

Where can you play?

All over the country! Bubble football is played on football pitches nationwide, so a quick search is bound to show up some matches near you. You won’t have to travel far in order to get your fix of crazy inflatable football.

How safe is it?

Very. Watching bubble football games, it may seem like players are constantly falling over and so are in danger, but they’re not. Tackling is made much safer than in traditional football, thanks to the fact that the inflatable ball bounces you away from the other players, long before your legs can make contact with anyone else.

In addition to this, there is always trained staff on hand who can offer first aid in the unlikely event that a player gets hurt. You know you’re in safe hands while you’re having fun.

Want to book a game yourself? Try out Zorbing Hire UK, the UK’s best zorbing company. We have highly trained staff that can ensure your bubble football experience is the safest and most fun experience you will have in a Zorb! As well as football, we offer children’s zorb parties, assault courses, crazy sand activities, and much more.