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You Can Play More Games In Bubble Football – London

Bubble football London is great fun for kids of any age. Pull on a zorb ball that fits over your upper body, and jump onto the pitch.

Then, you’ll be running around trying to score goals, all while other players are bumping into each other and falling over.

It sounds hilarious, but did you know that there are more games you can play with the kit involved?

The staff have all the rules at hand

If you want to try something new, talk to the staff who are running your bubble football – London session.

They’re old pros at the game, and have all kinds of things up their sleeve. Ask for a new game, and they may suggest some of the following:

British Bulldog

Remember this favourite from the playground? It was often banned by teachers for being unsafe, but in a bubble football field you can go all out! The game is played with the players standing at one end of the pitch, with one or two ‘bulldogs’ in the middle.

The goal is to get from one end to the other without being caught by a bulldog. Get caught, and you become a bulldog yourself. The winner is the last player left uncaught.

Human Ten Pin Bowling

Think you’ve got good balance? Think again! This game will line you all up at one end of the pitch, in a bowling pin formation.

A soft ball will be rolled down towards you, and the goal is not to let the ball knock you over.

Easy, right? Wrong! One ‘bowling pin’ loses their balance, and you could all be knocked over. The last ‘bowling pin’ left standing wins.


Who doesn’t love this 80’s classic arcade game? You can now play it for real. The game needs one ‘pacman’ and the rest of the players will be ghosts.

The ghosts job is to chase the pacman around, trying to catch it.

The pacman of course has to avoid them at all costs. If anyone falls down, they’re out of the game. The winner is the last person left standing.

Last Man Standing

Want to put your balance up to the challenge? The players will stand on the pitch, while the staff throw challenges in their way.

It could be zorb balls, other inflatables, or even other people. The players have to stay standing upright to stay in the game.

The winner is, as the name suggests, the last man (or woman) standing.

Barrel Balls

This is another game you may recognise from your school days. An item will be placed into the middle of the pitch, and the players will be given items to throw at it.

These may be inflatable objects or soft balls. On the whistle, players throw those objects to make the object in the middle of the pitch move over the goal line.

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