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Parkour, Climbing and Zorb Football: London Has Some of the Best Sports Around

London is beloved all over the world for everything it has to offer tourists. There’s the historical buildings for the history buffs, Oxford Street for the diehard shoppers… and sports?

Yes, since the London 2012 Olympics, London has really embraced sport. If you want to try something a bit different, check out the unusual sports, including zorb football, London, knows how to do it right.


Parkour is one of the newest sports on the block and one of the most popular around in city centres.

In a nutshell, parkour is the act of using momentum to move from one place to the other in the most efficient way possible.

There are plenty of classes available, where you’ll practice indoors before taking on the wild architecture of London.

White water rafting

In London? Yes! It’s actually possible to go white water rafting at the Lee Valley White Water centre, which was the venue for the water events in the 2012 Olympics.

They offer canoeing, rafting and kayaking there, so if you’ve ever fancied yourself an Olympic athlete, this could be the closest you’ll get.

Zorb football

Zorbs? Like the round inflatable balls you can roll around in? Not quite. These zorbs are smaller and fit over the top half of your body.

You put them on, and play five a side zorb football – London on a specially designed pitch. It’s not the most dignified sport, but it’s without a doubt the funniest.

Soon you’ll find yourself bouncing off the floor as another player blunders into you. You can even play other games on the pitch, including human ten pin bowling and British Bulldog.


There’s some perfect spots hidden away in London for climbing. If you’re up for a challenge, try scaling the Vertical Chill ice wall in Covent Garden.

It’s cheaper if you’re an experienced climber and already have all the kit. There’s also the Up at the O2, where you can scale the actual O2 arena.

Bungee jumping

If the thought of climbing made you feel queasy, this one is certainly not for you. If you’re already at the O2 to go climbing though, why not book a bungee jump in as well?

You jump over an air bag rather than the Thames, though, so you’re in no danger of going for an unplanned dip in the river. It tends to get booked up, so plan in advance.

Scuba diving

If the thought of getting underwater is your idea of a good time, there are plenty of scuba diving sessions around the city. There’s even the option to go abroad to scuba dive if you join a group.

If zorb football – London sounds like your idea of a good time, get in touch with Zorbing Hire UK. We can bring the football to wherever you are.

It’s great for parties or stag dos, or any time you just want to play something a little bit different. Call today and see if we can come to you.


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