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Assault Course

Assault Course – Army Style!

We are proud to have one of the best mobile assault courses in the country! Zorbing Hire was also the first to offer mobile assault courses anywhere in the UK!

This army style course consists of up to 10 obstacles, which can be laid out so two people can race each other at once. Course obstacles can be laid out over a large area or compressed into a smaller space depending on your needs. Assault Courses can be set up outdoors or inside depending on conditions.

These courses are great for team building and are also a guaranteed fun leisure activity which adds to the event but also gives plenty of exercise as well.

We have designed our course so we can adjust it to make it challenging for all ages. Here we adjusted it to suit the challenges of Junior school students, some as young as 5 years old.

We at Zorbing Hire love catering for this age group as their enthusiasm is through the roof. We first demo the course getting volunteers to do each obstacle. Then we have everyone go round and navigate the course with our coordinators leading a help hand, this builds up their confidence.

After that, all the students will be put into teams and they must work as a unit to complete one obstacle at a time as a team, racing against an opposing team to get around the course in this quickest time.

We then love to finish off with a teachers race as you can see below. The kids love this, cheering and supporting their teacher around the course, helping them over obstacles. As you can see in the video below, they are lifting the long cargo net up to assist them.

Once all that fun is done, we then wrap up with a tug-o-war competition, again involving the teachers to join in and help their classes students to win the battle.

To book your mobile assault course, contact us on 020 3633 2155 today!

Mobile assault course

Courses are designed to allow two people to race simultaneously for maximum thrills and competition. Configuration is very flexible and can be designed to produce the effect you’re looking for, a physical challenge, fun, problem solving or just all-out racing!

Nothing better for team building or just having a marvellous day!

Mums against mums, dads against dads, mums against dads or for children of all ages an assault course activity will bring fun to your day.

Assault Course Requirements

In order to work well outside, we ideally need flat, level ground that is well drained and has enough space for the course and a margin of safety around it. This also applies for indoor use. Floors need to be level and there needs to be enough space for spectators and team members to be able to spectate in safety.

On the day, ZorbingHire UK will deliver, assemble on site and supply fully-trained staff members who will remain with you for the whole day. Our team will help manage the activities, referee if necessary and provide all the assistance you require. All our team are first aid trained and security checked.

Assault Course Hire For Events

ZorbingHire UK’s mobile assault course offers a little something different for parties, team building, celebrations or team events. These courses are also widely used for fitness training, demonstrations and more. Why not try Zorb football, body Zorbing, Zorb racing, crazy sand, bungee trampolines and more? All can add that extra something special to any gathering!

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