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Leisure Activities

Leisure Activities

Zorbing Hire we are not just about Zorbs and football.

Leisure Activities, for both inside and outside events, also form the backbone of our activity portfolio for and event programme.  Catering for corporate and charity events, maximising fun at children’s parties, fun days or school activity days or just setting up and operating a leisure activity day, we are your perfect partner to ensure your event goes with a swing!

We have various different activities we can provide, some can mixed and matched for the same event.

These are some of the leisure activities we provide:

Assault Course

This is an army style course consisting of up to 10 obstacles, which can be laid out so two people can race each other at once. Course obstacles can be laid out over a large area or compressed into a smaller space depending on your needs. Assault Courses can be set up outdoors or inside depending on conditions.

Information on this activity can be found HERE

Muddy Mayhem

A fantastic event on a glorious day, or even if it is not so sunny!

Muddy Mayhem course is designed to allow two people to race simultaneously for maximum thrills and competition.  Configuration is very flexible and can be designed to produce the effect you’re looking for, a physical challenge, fun, problem solving or just all-out racing!

More information available HERE

Combat Archery Tag

Combat Archery Tag is an action packed, adrenalin filled, fun game for all ages and abilities.

Two equal teams of players face off across the purpose built field, separated by a neutral zone. Each team has 5 specially designed bunkers, with 5 target cones each holding a ball, placed in front of each bunker.

See More HERE

Crazy Sand Parties

How do you keep 30 children amused and entertained at your next big event without driving yourself crazy? Can you set your celebration apart with something truly original without breaking the bank?

Answer?  Crazy Sand!

Like to know more?  Please go HERE


Dodgeball, a great team building activity that will have you all working together!

With Dodgeball you’re ensured a fantastic event that involves the whole group, and there are no hiding places for the shy ones…

Dodgeball information is HERE

Nerf Wars

What can be more fun than a Nerf War fight?

Get kitted out with your masks and rare addition Rival Nerf Guns, which hold 30 rounds a piece for added fire power! Then enter our Nerf Wars Cage! Here you will choose your team colours and set up your 8 Bunkers throughout your zone, let’s get tactical!!

Nerf War story can be found HERE

Foot Darts Magic

Foot Darts is where football and darts are mashed together.

The aim of the game is for you to use the rules of a conventional dart game, however instead of throwing a dart, you kick a football at a giant Velcro inflatable soccer dart-board. Just like darts, loads of different games can be played using the equipment, for brilliant fun!

Foot Darts information can be found HERE

Inflatable Fun

The attraction of escaping from reality is what fun is all about. Embrace the ridiculous and the thrill of sliding down an huge inflatable slide, jump high on a bouncy caste or become a gladiator for a fun-filled challenge!

Here at ZorbingHire UK we offer great inflatables to enhance your fun activity and event.

Want to know more about Inflatable Fun, it’s all HERE

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