Huge Slides, Lion Sleepovers and Bubble Football

Huge Slides, Lion Sleepovers and Bubble Football: London’s Quirkiest Days Out

No one can accuse London of being boring. There’s plenty to do besides shop and check out monuments, you just need to know where to look.

From lion sleepovers to bubble football, London has plenty of events that are really one offs.

Try something from this list the next time you visit.

Enjoy a drink in a former public loo

As in any capital city, space is at a premium. It says a lot about the ingenuity of Londoners when you discover there’s several bars hosted in former public toilets here.

Whether you’re after a classy wine bar or a energetic gin parlour, there’s something for everyone in London’s public toilets.

If nothing else, it’ll give your friends something to puzzle over when you check into them on Facebook.

Ride one of the largest slides in the world

If you’re looking to visit the 2012 Olympic Stadium, why not give this a try? Artist Carsten Holler, who created the stadium’s spiral slides, has added the ArcelorMittal Orbit slide to their work.

It’s currently the world’s tallest and longest slide, so if you’re feeling adventurous why not give it a go?

Play bubble football, London’s twist on the classic game

Bubble football is a game of football where everyone is wearing a Zorb inflatable ball. It covers the head and body, leaving the legs free.

That means all the players can run around and get involved in tackles by diving headlong into each other.

There’s nothing funnier than watching your friend bounce away from you because you ran into them.

It’s a great idea for a stag or hen party too, if you’re planning one in London.

Sleep with the lions

Ok, you can’t curl up with them directly, but you can do the next best thing at London Zoo.

You can book an overnight stay in a chalet right next to the zoo’s Land of the Lions enclosure.

The night includes a two course meal, night time viewings of the animals and a tour from a knowledgeable zoo keeper. This would be a fantastic gift for the animal lover in your life.

Go on a treasure hunt

Treasure hunts aren’t just for kids! London hosts all kinds of outdoor adventures for those who want a challenge.

Depending on the experience you choose, you can race around London, solve clues, and interact with actors as you attempt to win your prize. It’s the next best thing to being on the Crystal Maze.

These are just a few of the great things you can do in London. The city is well known for its exciting and unusual attractions, so look some up the next time you visit. You’ll come away with an experience quite unlike any other.

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