Kids Playing Outdoor Bubble Football

Your Kids Will Love Bubble Football, Here’s Why

Tired of hearing the kids saying they’re bored every weekend and during the school holiday? Well, there’s an answer to that.

Bubble football is the sport sweeping the nation, and for good reason. It’s fun, accessible, and anyone can give it a go. Here’s why your kids will love it.

Play whatever the weather

Have you ever sent the kids out to play football, only for them to come back soaked and covered in mud thanks to a rainstorm? Most kids won’t care, but it’s a nightmare when your floors are constantly muddy and you’re always doing laundry.

Bubble football can be played inside if you have access to a nearby sporting centre or similar. They can get a full game of football in, without dragging the mud inside with them.

Anyone can give it a try

There are some kids that shy away from sports, as they feel they won’t be good at them, or they might get laughed at. However, this kind of football isn’t designed for experts. It’s for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Everyone wears a Zorb ball over their head and shoulders, so everyone is playing on the same level. Even if their friend is the next David Beckham, they’ll be just as good as them on the pitch.

It’s good, silly fun

What makes bubble football different to regular football? Well, the Zorb balls everyone wears change the game up. The aim of the game is still to get the ball in the other team’s goal, but getting it there is another thing entirely.

Players aren’t able to tackle each other in the traditional way. Instead, they can try and stop their opponent by bouncing into them with their ball.

Of course, this has the risk of the tackler bouncing away too. You’re guaranteed to hear your kids laughing the whole way through a match.

A safe environment for them to try a new sport

There are some children who worry about getting hurt when they play a new sport. In bubble football, it’s almost impossible. They play with the Zorb balls, so their body is totally protected.

They play on an inflatable pitch too, which makes this sport possibly the softest and bounciest one around. Finally, there are always experts on hand when they play, so they can keep an eye out for any issues. This can help even the most nervous child feel at ease.

It’s great for birthday parties

Are your kids stuck for something new and exciting to do for their birthday party? Then bubble football may just be the thing for them.

Book a game and their friends will be talking about the party for weeks to come. The best part? There’s no cleaning up for you to do afterwards. Perfect!

Zorbing Hire UK hold bubble football games all over the country. Get in touch with us and we can tell you where your nearest pitch is. Your kids will love it, and you will too.

2014 ZorbingHire Highlights

Zorbing Hire UK appear on Celebrity juice, a zorb bowling challenge with Keith Lemon.

Zorbing Hire UK assault course used for episode three of Bad Education on Channel 4, with jack Whitehall and Harry Enfield.

Zorbing Hire UK. Appeared on ITV2. Helping Ben Hamlin from TV series Tricked! Ben created one of his amazing stunts with two Emmerdale stars.

We have also appeared on BBC’s A Question of Sport.

We recently provided Zorb balls for David Beckham’s children’s birthday party.

We also worked with the Gladiators

Argent – LandAid Charity Day

LandAid Day raises record funds

ZorbingHire UK were the suppliers of the Body Zorbing football pitch for this event.By Nathan Cross  |   12-10-2012  |  13:54
Original article here

More than 55 property companies and 1,500 people across the UK came together yesterday for a giant fundraising effort supporting projects to help disadvantaged young people.

Donations are still being counted but LandAid says it has already exceeded last year’s total of £75,000.

This year, the LandAid Day theme was “All the Fun of the Fair”.

The property industry got involved in fundraising through doing various challenges across the UK, the City of London and West End, passing through some of London’s most famous landmarks.

There were cycling challenges including a pedi-bus relay from the West End to the City of London by GVA, a body zorb football tournament in King’s Cross hosted by Argent, hundreds of property industry workers in circus and fairground fancy dress, fairground games and bake-offs in some of the top property industry company offices.

Army Day

Zorbing Hire were contacted to host an army event day with our zorbs as part of a fun training event.

Zorbing Hire UK on BBC 3/12/2011

Zorbing Hire – Taylor Zorbing were hired for BBC 2 Childrens show Live’n’Deadly for an end of show challenge between the two presenters. Two golf ball style balls were used in a race around a concreted area of a wildlife park.

Aston Villa Fun Day