Mulitsports Hen do!

So much fun had with our multi-sports activity this weekend in our very popular Shoreditch location. Such a good venue for your events, with box park opposite and brick lane running down the side, and also the famous Spital fields market a 5min walk away there is so much to see and do here after your event. our multi-sports activity consists of so many fun games, be it tug-o-war, bubble relay, google dash,  or our giant 6 man space hoppers, we will have you laughing your socks off while competing against the other teams!

Nerf party london

Here at zorbing hire we are now hosting nerf parties across London for children and adults. We use the rare rival guns holding 30 rounds each, and set up 12 inflatable paint ball bunkers across an area. Its so much fun and mayhem. We play elimination, capture the flag, hostage take over, and even fortnite nerf! We can host parties of up to 20 people over a 1hr period. If your party is bigger don’t worry we just extend the time.

Bubble Football Team

Zorb Football Is For Everyone

Zorb football or football zorbing is the new sport that’s taking the UK by storm. All over the country, people are giving it a go and discovering that it’s a serious amount of fun for them and their friends.

Are you on the fence about giving it a try? Then read on, as it really is for everyone. Here’s everyone who’ll love this different take on the game of football.

Those who hated PE at school

Are you just not into team games? Were you always picked last to play in sports? Then it’s no wonder that you’ve veered away from sports as an adult. However, this game is different.

It’s not about how good you are, it’s about getting out there and having fun.

You won’t be penalised if you get anything wrong, it’s more about just having a good time out on the pitch

Those who feel they’re just not good at sports

Maybe you avoid playing team games as you think you’re just not any good at them. Who wants to play up against expert footballers who can basically run you over on the way to the goal?

Zorb football isn’t like that. Whoever you’re playing with, they’re playing on the same level as you, thanks to the Zorb balls you wear over your body.

As you’re all wearing them, you’ll all play the same way. No more worries about dragging a team down!

Kids who want to get out and try a sport

During weekends and holidays, kids can get bored if they spend too long doing the same thing. If they’re bored being cooped up in the house, take them to a bubble football game.

They can have a great time playing with all of their friends, and you know that they’re getting some exercise, as well as getting out of the house.

Those who want to try something new

Are you always looking for something new to try? In the UK, there’s always new and exciting events happening, so you’re spoiled for choice.

Giving this style of Zorb football a try can show you a whole new world of Zorbing sports to try out.

Why not try water Zorbing too, or even other body Zorbing games? You’ll be amazed at how much there is on offer.

Hen and stag parties

Not everyone wants to hit the pubs on their stag or hen do. Why not do something a bit different? You can take your whole group Zorb footballing, and have a great time.

It’s a perfect activity to start the day off, or you can make it the main event. If you have an active and sporty hen or stag to plan a party for, this could be right up their street.

Are you convinced that Zorb football could be for you? Then book a game with us at Zorbing Hire UK. We operate all over the country, so there’ll be a game nearby that you can join. Get in touch and try it for yourself!

Kids Playing Outdoor Bubble Football

Your Kids Will Love Bubble Football, Here’s Why

Tired of hearing the kids saying they’re bored every weekend and during the school holiday? Well, there’s an answer to that.

Bubble football is the sport sweeping the nation, and for good reason. It’s fun, accessible, and anyone can give it a go. Here’s why your kids will love it.

Play whatever the weather

Have you ever sent the kids out to play football, only for them to come back soaked and covered in mud thanks to a rainstorm? Most kids won’t care, but it’s a nightmare when your floors are constantly muddy and you’re always doing laundry.

Bubble football can be played inside if you have access to a nearby sporting centre or similar. They can get a full game of football in, without dragging the mud inside with them.

Anyone can give it a try

There are some kids that shy away from sports, as they feel they won’t be good at them, or they might get laughed at. However, this kind of football isn’t designed for experts. It’s for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Everyone wears a Zorb ball over their head and shoulders, so everyone is playing on the same level. Even if their friend is the next David Beckham, they’ll be just as good as them on the pitch.

It’s good, silly fun

What makes bubble football different to regular football? Well, the Zorb balls everyone wears change the game up. The aim of the game is still to get the ball in the other team’s goal, but getting it there is another thing entirely.

Players aren’t able to tackle each other in the traditional way. Instead, they can try and stop their opponent by bouncing into them with their ball.

Of course, this has the risk of the tackler bouncing away too. You’re guaranteed to hear your kids laughing the whole way through a match.

A safe environment for them to try a new sport

There are some children who worry about getting hurt when they play a new sport. In bubble football, it’s almost impossible. They play with the Zorb balls, so their body is totally protected.

They play on an inflatable pitch too, which makes this sport possibly the softest and bounciest one around. Finally, there are always experts on hand when they play, so they can keep an eye out for any issues. This can help even the most nervous child feel at ease.

It’s great for birthday parties

Are your kids stuck for something new and exciting to do for their birthday party? Then bubble football may just be the thing for them.

Book a game and their friends will be talking about the party for weeks to come. The best part? There’s no cleaning up for you to do afterwards. Perfect!

Zorbing Hire UK hold bubble football games all over the country. Get in touch with us and we can tell you where your nearest pitch is. Your kids will love it, and you will too.


Zorb Football in London Is Football For Everyone

Are you the type of person who doesn’t like team games? Maybe you don’t like the competition involved, or you have less than fond memories of having to play football at school. Perhaps you just don’t think you have the skills needed to play with others.

If that sounds like you, then you need to give Zorb football in London a try.

Yes, really. People who’ve said they’d never play sports have come off the pitch and reported that they loved it. Here’s why it’s the sport that may change your mind for good.

What Zorb football is

A game of Zorb football – London is set up like a regular five a side match. Both teams are aiming to get the ball into the opposing team’s goal. That’s where the similarities end, though, you’ll be glad to hear.

Each player wears a special Zorb ball over their head and body, leaving just their legs free. This ball means there’s a shift in how the game is played. If you want to tackle someone, you can’t go for their legs as that’s the only unprotected part of the body. Instead, you need to bounce off their Zorb, hoping they fall down.

Of course, that means that there’s a risk in tackling. If you bounce into them, can you keep your balance or will you go down too?

Putting the fun back into football

If PE lessons left you cold as others took the game too seriously for your liking, you’re in luck with Zorb football – London. No one can take the game too seriously if they’re all wearing an inflatable ball, can they?

The game is much more knockabout fun than a serious sport. You’ll find that the fun of scoring a goal is secondary to finding out how many of the opposing team you can knock over without losing your balance.

It’s not unusual to hear players howling with laughter as they play. You’ll see that the main aim of Zorb football is just to have fun.

How to get into a game

Have you decided that you want to give Zorb football – London a try? Then you’ll find it’s much easier than you think to find a game. Call us here at Zorbing Hire UK. We’re the UK’s leading Zorbing sports providers, and we can set up a game anywhere you can fit an inflatable pitch. That could even be your back garden, if it’s big enough.

All you need to start playing is a group of friends and some enthusiasm, we’ll bring the rest. Give it a try and you’ll soon see that there’s more to sport than what you remember from school. If you’re interested, we can even be hired for parties and events. Zorb football shows that sports really are for everyone, including you.

Zorbing Hire UK run all kinds of Zorbing activities across the country, including body Zorbing and Zorb racing. Get in touch to organise a game for yourself and your friends.



Bubble Football: London Has a New Favourite Sport

When it comes to new and exciting sports, London is the place to be. The people of the capital are always finding new and exciting ways to get fit.

Have you heard about bubble football, London?

This new take on the beloved sport is already one of the best ways to get together and have a good time with your friends.

Here are all your questions, answered.

Is bubble football like regular football?

The basic rules are similar. You’ll play in teams of five, and your objective is to get the ball into the other team’s goal. However, that’s where the similarity ends. Bubble football is so called because you wear a Zorb over your head and shoulders, leaving your legs free. You have to play with this on, turning the game into a fun filled romp.

Because of this, regular tackling isn’t a part of bubble football. Instead, to tackle someone you must bounce into them with your Zorb ball. The hope is you’ll knock them over, but of course the risk is that you’ll bounce away too!

What equipment is needed to play?

You don’t need to bring a lot in order to play. That’s because games of bubble football – London are run by professionals who bring the Zorbs, the ball, and even an inflatable pitch for you to play on.

You need to make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes, such as a t-shirt and comfortable trousers, and a good pair of socks are essential. Other than that, you’re good to go.

Do you need to be experienced to have a go?

Not at all. Many would be players are put off, as they don’t want to play against more experienced people, and don’t want to let their own team down.

However, this isn’t like your old PE lessons. The joy of the Zorbs is that they level out the playing field.

Your mate might be brilliant on the pitch, but in a Zorb he’s as susceptible to a good tackle as anyone else. As this is the case, you can get involved and just enjoy yourself.

Where can you play?

Anywhere! Here at Zorbing Hire UK we’ll put on a bubble football – London event anywhere that has the room. That could be a back garden, a sports hall, or anywhere else you can think of. All you would have to do is get in touch, and a game can be arranged for you.

When can you book a game?

Anytime you want to play. Bubble football is perfect for events, and it’ll give attendees something to talk about once it’s over. It’s also popular for children’s birthday parties, as well as stag and hen dos. Of course, if you just want to play, you don’t need an excuse. Get in touch!

Zorbing Hire UK run all kinds of fun sporting events across the country, including bubble football, so you should give it a try. Come talk to us and we’ll set up a game for you.

bubble football

Here’s Why Bubble Football Is the Next Big Thing

Have you heard about bubble football? It’s taking the sporting world by storm, and people who have already played it say it’s some of the best fun they’ve ever had.

But what is it, and what do you do in it?

Here’s what it is and why it’s something you really need to check out.

It’s a silly way to play football

So, what exactly is bubble football? Essentially, it’s five a side football, but played in specially designed Zorb balls.

These balls fit over your head and body, leaving your legs free so that you can run around the pitch, which is also inflatable.

This means that the tackling happens by players bouncing into each other rather than sliding into each other’s legs.

The legs are saved, but it means that both players could bounce away with hilarious results.

You don’t need to be an athlete to play

No matter what your skill level, you’re welcome to play bubble football. You may well be up against your mates who play football every weekend, but once the ball goes over their head they’ll be just as good as you are.

It’s the ultimate leveller. It’s a great sport for people who don’t often get involved in them, or who are worried that they won’t be good. It’s for fun, not for skill.

It’s perfect for all kinds of events

Do you want something for a team building day with a twist? Maybe you want to book a kid’s birthday party that won’t fill your house with whirlwind children. Perhaps you want to book a stag or hen do that’s a little bit different.

Zorb football is brilliant for all of these events and more. It can give your event that little bit of extra oomph that will have people talking about for a long time afterwards.

It’s the best way to bring your friends together

Probably the best thing about bubble football is that it’s a brilliant way to get your friends together. Especially at this time of year, when the pubs are full of people and it’s hard to get a booking in a restaurant.

Why not go out on a limb and do something you’ve never done before? You’re sure to love it, and it beats sitting on the sofa eating chocolates.

Want to try bubble football for yourself? Call us at Zorbing Hire UK. We do all kinds of events, including Zorbing, Zorb racing, and even an army assault course!

We’re based all over the UK, so we’re sure to be operating near you. Get in touch and we’ll set up a game just for you and your friends

how to play zorb football

How To Play Zorb Football

Have you been itching to try something new and exciting? Maybe, with the new year coming up, you’re ready to start getting more active and get out more.

Whatever the reason, you want to try a new sport. Have you thought about Zorb football? We have locations throughout London as well as all over the UK?

It’s new, exciting, and fun for everyone. Here’s what you need to know about it, and how you can get started.

What is Zorb football?

Essentially, Zorb football is played in a similar manner to normal, five a side football. What’s different though is that you play on an inflatable pitch.

You also play with a specially designed Zorb ball, which fits over your head and body, leaving your legs free.

You aren’t able to tackle like you would in regular football, so instead you tackle by bouncing into the player you’re targeting.

It’s a calculated risk, though, as you may well just bounce off them, rather than knocking them off their feet.

What you will need to bring

To play a game of Zorb football – London, all you need are some friends and eagerness to have fun. The organisers of the game will arrange the rest for you, meaning you just have to show up.

It’s worth wearing some lightweight clothes that you can move about in freely. Also, be sure to wear socks, as you won’t be able to wear shoes on the inflatable pitch.

Skill levels needed to play

You actually don’t need any prior experience of football in order to play this version. It’s easy to think that you’ll need to be able to play with some amount of skill, but Zorb football isn’t about being an expert, it’s about having some fun and spending time with your friends.

Don’t worry about not being great at football, just come and be ready to play, and the organisers will do the rest.

Equipment walkthrough

The organisers will have the equipment ready when you arrive, and will have checked it over to make sure it’s all ready to go.

They’ll also give you a quick safety talk before you go out onto the pitch. That way, you’ll know exactly how to use the equipment before you play.

The main equipment you’ll use is the inflatable pitch and the Zorb balls. The pitch is very similar to the way a bouncy castle feels when you’re on it.

The balls protect you if you fall down, which let’s be honest, you will do.

Where to play

It’s actually very easy to find a game near you. When you call to arrange a game, it can be held anywhere that can accommodate the pitch.

That can even include your own back garden. They’re often held in sporting centres as well, but it can be brought as near to you as possible.

Zorbing Hire UK are the best Zorbing company in the country, so why not arrange a game with us? We promise that you’ll love it!


play zorb football

Time To Try Zorb Football

If you’re a sports fan, you’re always looking for something new and exciting to play. There’s a lot of faddy games out there that may be fun once, but aren’t feasible to keep up.

However, Zorb football isn’t like that. It’s a whole lot of fun and is easy to pick up, too. Here’s why you should give it a go.

What is it?

Zorb football is a game played much like five a side football. Unlike regular football, though, your pitch is an inflatable field and you play with a Zorb ball over your head and body.

This results in a game that’s a lot sillier and much bouncier than the football you know and love.

What do you need to play?

All you really need is to bring yourself and some friends to play football. It helps if you wear loose athletic clothing that you don’t mind running around in, as well as some good socks.

As you can imagine, you won’t be able to wear shoes while on the pitch. The organisers arrange all the equipment for you, so you don’t have to do a thing.

The benefits of Zorb football

There’s plenty of reasons why you’d want to give this new sport a try:

– Fun for everyone: It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, everyone can have a go at bubble football. Don’t worry if you’ve never kicked a football before, you’ll soon get the hang of it.

– A new way to get fit: Why go to the gym when you can play this? Getting fit is always more fun when you do it with friends, and you won’t even notice the workout you’re putting in as you’ll be having such a good time.

– Lots of games to try: You don’t just have to play Zorb football with the equipment available. You can try British Bulldog, Human Skittles, or even tag! You can let your imagination run riot.

– Can be played almost anywhere: It’s not as hard to set up a game as you may think. Depending on the size of your garden, you can even play there! Either way, you won’t have to travel far to get a game in.

– Great for parties: Stuck for something to do for the kids’ birthday parties? Want a stag or hen do with a difference? Try this instead of the usual old party. Your guests will love it and you’ll get to feel smug, having arranged the party that everyone is still talking about weeks later.

So there you have it. With so many reasons to give Zorb football a go, you’d be crazy not to. Round up some friends and get a game booked in. You’ll be glad you did.

Convinced? Call on us at Zorbing Hire UK. We’re the UK’s best Zorbing hire company, and that’s because we can offer all sorts of Zorbing activities. Give us a call and find out what we can do.

bubble football in London

Why Not Try Bubble Football in London?

There’s plenty of new sports cropping up in the nation’s capital all the time. It’s not surprising, when you have so many creative people on your doorstep.

The latest sport to crop up in London is Bubble Football, London’s newest way of using Zorb footballs to improve regular outdoor activities.

Here’s what it is and why you should give it a go.

It’s new and exciting

It’s one of the newest sports around, but already critics are raving about it. It plays like regular five aside football, but players play on an inflatable pitch, and they wear Zorb balls over their head and bodies.

This leaves their legs free so they can run around the pitch freely.

People who’ve played it say that it’s a huge amount of fun, as well as being ridiculously funny.

After all, watching two players run into each other and bounce away is never, not going to be hilarious.

Everyone can play it

Some people have said they didn’t want to try, as they’ve never played football before or they don’t feel that they’re skilled enough. Bubble football – London isn’t a sport that demands you start an expert in the game.

As long as you come with a willingness to play and have fun, that’s all you need.

Plus, the Zorbs are a great equalizer. Your mates may be great footballers, but put the ball on and they’ll be falling over like everyone else.

It’s great for kid’s parties

Bored of the same old kid’s birthday parties every year? Chances are your kids are too. Why not change things up and book them a bubble football – London session?

They’ll have a great time, and you’ll have no clean up or other arranging to do.

When you put it like that, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t do this instead of the traditional bouncy castle.

Safety is paramount

Zorb football is always run by professionals. They’ll give you a quick safety briefing before you start, but they’ll then let you get on with playing with minimal involvement.

They’ll help bring players on and off the pitch, and generally make sure everyone is having the best time possible.

It’s not just football

You can play other games too. How about British Bulldog, or Human Skittles? Ask the supervisors and they’ll be able to lead you into more fun games using the Zorbs.

Want to give it a try for yourself? Here at Zorbing Hire UK we can set up a game just for you and your friends. Play a few games and you’ll never want to go back to normal football again!