Bubble Football

Bubble Football: London’s Quirkiest Days Out

Bubble Football: London’s Quirkiest Days Out

No one can accuse London of being boring. There’s plenty to do besides shop and check out monuments, you just need to know where to look.

Bubble football is just one of the exciting, quirky events that we at Zorbing hire UK can offer you.

Try something new today!

Play bubble football, London’s twist on the classic game

Bubble football is a game of football where everyone is wearing a Zorb inflatable ball. It covers the head and body, leaving the legs free.

That means all the players run around and get involved in tackles, either by diving headlong into each other, or in another creative way that takes their fancy.

There’s nothing funnier than watching your friend bounce away from you because you ran into them.

It’s a great idea for a stag or hen party too, if you’re planning one in London.

We have lots to offer at Zorbing Hire UK, Bubble Football is just one of our brilliant, fun and exciting activities for you and your friends/colleagues and family to enjoy.  Whether it’s a planned party or just an excuse to get together and run off some excess energy.  We have lots of great things you can do, in London.

The city is well known for its exciting and unusual attractions, so look us up the next time you visit. You’ll come away with an experience quite unlike any other.

If bubble football in London has caught your eye, get in touch with us at Zorbing Hire UK. We can provide the Zorbs and the arena, all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourselves!


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