Bubble Football FAQ’s

Bubble Football FAQ’s

FAQ’s – The Top Most Common Questions

STOP! Before you make a costly mistake!

Recently we have heard of  several horror stories where people have booked a competitor for bubble football based solely on price, and have run into major problems. At ZorbingHire UK, we have never claimed to be the cheapest company offering events, but we ARE the best value for money, and have more experience than ANY other company in the UK.

Before you sign up with ANY company (ourselves included), we have put together a list of really important FAQ’s for you to consider and to ask them. Our answers are included here too, so you can compare like for like.

Common Bubble Football FAQ’s:

1. Do they use commercial-grade, tested TPU balls of the highest standard?
All our balls are commercial-grade, tested TPU balls of the highest standard available – and are replaced every three months to ensure they are always in the very best condition.

2. Do they carry spare balls with them on every job?
It is rare that a ball becomes damaged, but just in case we always carry spare equipment with us so that, for example, your 5-a-side would not be ruined by a puncture.

3. What do their staff do, apart from set up the equipment? Just supervise?
Our staff are all professionally trained to entertain the participants with a wide range of games and activities in line with age and ability. They won’t just ‘stand there and supervise while you get on with it’!

4. How do you know that their staff are vetted and trained?
All of our staff are fully CRB-checked, have first aid training and carry first aid equipment with them.

5. How do they tell the football teams apart?
We use different coloured balls. This is FAR easier than by wearing coloured bibs, which are hard to see in the middle of a fast-paced game!

6. What level of Public Liability Insurance do they have?
We have £5million Public Liability Insurance. Hopefully we’ll never need to use it, but it’s reassuring to know that in the event of something untoward happening, you’re in safe hands and fully covered.

We do hope that you will ask these questions. The answers you will receive can be quite an eye-opener.

Why Chose Zorbing Hire UK?

In a nutshell, ZorbingHire UK is quite simply the best in the business. Our staff have more experience than anyone else, our equipment is better quality than anyone else’s and we have MANY more happy customers than anyone else.

So, what are you waiting for? Book today for an experience you will not soon forget!![/text_output][text_output]

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