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Bring Bubble Football To Your Team Building Day

Bring Bubble Football To Your Team Building Day

Team building days can often be viewed as a bit dull and boring. However they can be fun if you put in a little effort to plan something a bit different.

Bubble football could be just the thing to get your team together.

Here’s a few good reasons why it’s a great activity to book for your next team building day.

It’s good fun

First of all, it’s fun. People who’ve tried bubble football have reported that they really enjoy the experience.

It’s often used for corporate events and exhibitions, as well as parties.

Getting out of the office and onto the pitch can be the best way to take a breather from work.

It’s also a great way to get to know your teammates a little bit better, in a relaxed setting.

It doesn’t require any football skills

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a Premiership footballer to take part. This kind of football only needs you to come with enthusiasm, and you’ll be sure to get a lot out of it.

This is great if your team are at varying degrees of sporting capability. The resident gym bunny won’t do a lot better than the coach potato. They’ll have to work together to get results!

It’s safe for everybody

Bubble football is played by wearing a Zorb over your head and upper body on an inflatable football pitch. There really is no safer way to play football.

You’ll also have trained staff on hand, who will give you a safety briefing beforehand and keep an eye on proceedings as you play.

This should be more than enough to satisfy any risk assessments you need to do.

It’s inexpensive

If you’re watching your budget, this is one of the most affordable activities you could do. You pay a fixed price per person, so you know exactly what your costs are going to be.

It’s also likely that you’ll be able to play in your city, so you won’t need to travel and put your staff up in a hotel just to take part. That’s something your accountants will be glad to hear.

It’s the best way to bring a team together

Bubble football is great as it’s familiar enough to let everyone feel comfortable while taking part, as well as being unusual enough to take everyone just that little bit out of their comfort zone.

You’ll have to work together to win and develop new, if slightly odd, strategies to win the ball from the opposing team. We’ve found that diving headlong into them usually works.

So there you have it. If you think bubble football is just the thing for your next team building day, why not book a session?

If you’re interested, we at Zorbing Hire UK can offer you a reasonably priced football package. We also offer a whole range of Zorbing activities. Ever wanted to roll around on the water, or do a real assault course? We’re the people to call.


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