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Zorb Football: A Different Choice For Your Stag Do

When you think of stag dos, a certain image pops up in your mind. Pub crawls, dancers, and clubs of a dubious reputation are good for some, but what about you?

Maybe you don’t drink, or aren’t into clubbing.

How do you make your upcoming stag do fun for everyone? Why not try zorb football? Here’s why it could be the best choice for you.

It’s safe

Any partner will fret when their intended goes off on their stag party. Zorb football is great as it’s one of the safest sports around.

Played in inflatable balls that fit over your head and shoulders, you’re cushioned from most of the elements.

Also, all games are set up and monitored by trained professionals. This way you can have just as much fun without the risk of the stag getting into trouble.

You won’t have to travel far

If you want to try this unique form of football, you won’t have to travel far for it. Games can be set up almost anywhere, from the best man’s back garden to an actual football pitch.

All you need are a gang of friends and space to play, and the game can be brought to you.

It won’t break the bank

Let’s face it, stag dos are expensive. Even if you stay in the UK, the travel, accommodation and, of course, drinking, will all add up fast.

Zorb football has just one cost, which can be split between everyone playing the game.

If your stag’s on a budget or you’re just trying to keep costs low, it’s a great option.

It’s just as much of a laugh

Who says you can’t have fun when you’re not drinking? Everyone who tries zorb football says that it’s an absolute riot.

Imagine playing five a side football with inflatable balls over the top half of your body. It sounds ridiculous, right?

Plus, it’ll level out the skills of everyone playing.

Dave may play for the local team, but he’s going to be just as good as the rest of you with a zorb on his head!

You’ll still come away with brilliant memories

The point of a stag do is to get all your friends together and send the stag off into blissful married life with their partner. The way you do that isn’t just locked down to visiting pubs and downing shots. You can play zorb football and still have a fantastic time together as a group. Everyone will enjoy themselves, guaranteed.

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